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Care Options

Managing Terminal Illness 

My mother is in the terminal stages of cancer. When is the appropriate time to begin discussing hospice care with her?

Facing a life-limiting illness is a difficult challenge for both patient and family. Davis Place offers the care and support of a skilled, compassionate team of healthcare professionals who can help guide you through the process and bring a much-needed sense of comfort and peace. Should you or your loved one choose hospice care, please ask about our newly renovated private hospice suites.

There are a variety of factors to take into account when considering hospice. It might be time for hospice if the following apply to your mother's condition:

•Frequent hospitalizations in the past six months

•Repeat or multiple infections

•Increased or uncontrollable uncontrolled/poorly controlled pain

•Unplanned or continued weight loss

•Progressive decline in health despite undergoing treatments

•Life expectancy of six months or less



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